Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ABTL Seminar on Gut Health at Indian Poultry Journalists Association (IPJA), Hyderabad.

"Gut Health:A New Paradigm in Poultry Production"
 ABTL presented a technical seminar in the area of Gut Health in Poultry in the ongoing technical seminar series hosted by Indian Poultry Journalists Association (IPJA), at  Hyderabad on June 24,2017Dr. Anand in the talkexplored the area of gut health and outlined key factors that are important in the development and maintenance of optimal gut function.

Dr. Anand, presenting the seminar on gut health at IPJA, hyderabad. 
The efficient conversion of feed into its basic components for optimal nutrient absorption is vital for both broiler and broiler breeder production and welfare. Gut health, an intricate and complex area combining nutrition, microbiology, immunology and physiology, has a key role to play. When gut health is compromised, digestion and nutrient absorption are affected which, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on feed conversion leading to economic loss and a greater susceptibility to disease. In addition, recent changes in legislation on the use of antimicrobials, differing feed requirements and more efficient birds highlight the need for a better understanding of gut function and gut health.         

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